What Operating System Are You Using?

To my entrepreneurial friends: Have you used EOS or Scaling Up to grow your company? Using an operating system has allowed us to get everyone moving in the same direction, speaking a common language and measuring the right things. It’s been a key to successfully scaling our businesses.

We use Gino Wickman’s EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) at two of our companies. It has been transformational. I’ve always had a vision of where we were headed, but my team needed more structure and consistency than I could provide.

EOS gave us the structure for creating healthier teams and having new accountability internally. We now have a specific cadence to setting goals, tackling problems and working together to accomplish amazing things. Check out the book Traction by Gino Wickman to learn more.

Years ago, we also experimented with Verne Harnish’s system contained in his book Scaling Up. This is one of the most complete textbooks for entrepreneurs who are scaling their companies. His system is also very helpful, but it was a little too complex to roll out.

What have you learned from using an operating system, or what’s holding you back from implementing one?

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