Doing Things My Own Way

I have always struggled with authority, and authority has always struggled with me.

I was frequently getting in trouble as a kid for “disrespecting” adults. But I just wanted to do things my own way.

Now, I experience my children being strong and independent – and I feel a sense of satisfaction to see them following in my footsteps.

I encourage them to question conventional wisdom.

I want them to do things their own way (within reason).

I’m not raising conformists. I’m not raising followers.

I want my children to make the world a better place.

I want to empower them to be creative.

I want to them to be open-minded and forward thinking.

I want them to aspire to build a bigger and brighter future without being constrained by the status quo.

I find myself with the same expectations for the people I work with and the organizations I’m building.

I want to partner with people who are constantly looking for better ways of doing everything and who thrive when you give them autonomy and freedom to figure things out on their own.

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