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Like Great Art, Great Companies Have Depth

Great art has depth – that’s what my friend Josh Steimle taught me.

It’s true. When you revisit greatest masterpieces, you find new things.

There’s substance, thought, and meaning that you didn’t catch the first time.

There’s nuance, texture, scope and possibly a hidden storyline or two.

Great artists incorporate excellence in all aspects of their work, not just in the areas most visible at first glance.

At our companies we believe “the more you know, the more you’ll like.”

Every aspect of our business conveys our commitment to excellence.

It comes across in the big things.

But it’s even more important in the small things – sometimes not even visible to our customers.

You can’t just fake it.

Eventually customers see through it.

It shows up where you don’t expect it – and things begin to unravel.

If you cut corners in one area you are on a slippery slope….

This applies to being a great leader and building sustainable organizations.

If you want to be more impactful, you’ve got to have depth.

Be deliberate, thoughtful, and purposeful.

Have high expectations for yourself and others.

Great art has depth.

Great companies have depth.

Great people have depth.

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