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The Power of Gift Giving

What if you could give a gift to a potential customer that they actually use? And what if every time they saw this gift they remembered you and asked themselves, “Why haven’t I done business with them yet?” And would you believe the best gift you could give a potential client wouldn’t mention your company or even your name anywhere on it?

Years ago, I was given such a gift by someone I met briefly at an event. The gift showed up at my home a few weeks after our conversation and was addressed to me and my wife, with our company’s logo on it. That’s it. You can see I’ve used his gift almost daily. Every time I use it I remember who gave it to me and think, “When am I going to do business with him?” Last week, I finally reconnected with John Ruhlin (Author of Giftology). It was only a matter of time before I was going to hire him to help me take care of the most important people in my life.

He’s an expert gift giver. He used his magic on me and it worked. Now I give better gifts by using his techniques. Stop spending money on meaningless gifts for the people you care about & high potential customers (Do you stand out by sending gift baskets in December? I doubt it.)

Thoughtful gift giving will turn your most important leads into your best customers.

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