Scaling Multiple Companies Simultaneously

Have you considered the benefits of owning and scaling multiple companies simultaneously?

For me, it’s the secret to accelerating the entrepreneurial learning curve.

It has forced me deepen and strengthen partnerships because I can’t do it all by myself.

I’ve had to rely on strong people in every organization – to empower and trust them.

It’s forced me to get out of my own way.

It allows me to do my highest and best.

It solves the issue that sometimes things don’t move fast enough in one company.

Having multiple companies brings synergies that allow for faster growth.

Shared resources allow us to have higher talent levels in certain areas than we otherwise could afford.

It gives more opportunity for top talent by having multiple options for their career advancement.

It provides diversified income streams across multiple industries which lowers risk and increases long-term stability.

I highly recommend that you architect a bigger future for yourself by owning and scaling multiple companies instead of just one.

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