My Thoughts on Strategic Coach

Four years ago, I took the advice of a successful entrepreneur friend. He had started, grown and sold multiple companies and wanted to help me find the best resources for our growing companies. The entrepreneurs he admired most were part of a program called Strategic Coach with Dan Sullivan.

He had used it himself for many years, and suggested I check it out. There’s been no looking back. Today, I’m headed back home after spending the majority of this week in Chicago and Toronto for two Strategic Coach sessions. The content just keeps getting better.

The program specifically caters to growth oriented entrepreneurs in any industry who want more freedom in their lives. Here are some of the key things I’ve learned: Focusing on what I do best, what Dan Sullivan calls “Unique Ability” Creating what Dan Sullivan calls a “Self Managing Company” Being more deliberate about the way I use my time, personally and professionally, and learning to say no to good things so I can have the time for the best things. The resources, tools and concepts are the best-in-class.  Here’s a LINK.

Thanks Dan Sullivan for the work you do for entrepreneurs around the globe and for helping me in my entrepreneurial journey!

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