My Answer Shocked Him

A friend was working on multiple startups and felt pressure to focus on only one.

He asked me which projects should he kill, and which one should he run with.

It was too early to know which one was most promising.

My answer shocked him.

I told him he should do them all; that he should keep running with all of them.

He was relieved. He felt liberated.

I explained that pulling it off would require a different game plan, but it can be done.

The key is a partnership approach.

You must build out infrastructure in each organization for it to take shape.

You can’t do it alone or you’ll be overwhelmed.

Challenge conventional wisdom that says that you must focus on ONE thing to be successful – one company, one industry, one pursuit at a time.

It’s not true.

Most entrepreneurs are working on side projects and they should have confidence to run multiple companies simultaneously.

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