Most Marketing is a Waste of Money

Most marketing is a waste of money.
Too many business owners are frustrated by failed marketing efforts.
They think (hope) that marketing magically leads to sales.

This is especially true for many early stage companies.
Founders believe they need to raise gobs of money to spend on marketing.
But no amount of marketing will overcome a bad product, bad customer experience, and/or bad culture.

The best companies grow and scale through organic growth.
They take care of their employees and customers first.
They know that these ambassadors will refer others to their business.
They have real products and services that add value.
Marketing works with the right foundation.

I’ve learned that referrals are key to achieving durable, organic growth.
The flywheel begins to spin.
It’s a virtuous cycle.

Look for customers who align to your core values.
Your best customers already do.
They tell their friends about you and become an extension of you in the marketplace.
This is marketing.

Get more bang for your buck by changing your approach.

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