Kindess Has Never Been More Important

The last few months have been tough, especially concerning our emotional and mental health.

We’re social creatures. We need human interaction.

From personal conversations I realize the human cost to what we’re all dealing with. Now more than ever, we should:

– Cut each other some slack.
– Reach out to each other a little more.
– Be a more sensitive to signs that people around us need help.
– Share our mental health and emotional struggles with others – to empathize and seek the help we need.

Businesses are starting to open back up, but it’s not over.
For some, the stresses will continue to build. There’s a long-term impact to what’s happening. Let’s be aware. Everyone is under more stress.

No one is immune.

No family is immune.

Finding time to help others may be the therapy we need to get through our own challenges and struggles.

Serving and being kind to others has never been more important.

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