How to Scale a Business

LinkedIn Connection:

Blake, I would like to learn how to build and scale businesses successfully. I’ve recently started my own business and I have no idea how to grow it.


I’ve found a few keys to grow companies.

Hire the best talent possible. Focus on their success. They are key to growing your company.

Get out of your own way as the owner. Empower people around you. Give them freedom and autonomy.

Build a strong, identifiable culture. Have real values. Have an identity.

Give first, always. Give to the community. Give to your employees. Give to your customers. Give to your family. Give to your competition.

Add value, everywhere – differentiate from your competitors by creating and adding the most value to your customers.

Know what they want and deliver it beyond their expectations. Find ways to create value they don’t expect.

Use an operating system. We use EOS by Gino Wickman.

Anything else you would add?  Let me know in the comments below.

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