Greatness Can be Hard to Realize

Don’t take it personally when others fail to understand, or choose to ignore, the amazing and unique things you’re creating.

Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza once said, “Everything great is just as difficult to realize as it is rare to find.”

Some people just don’t get it. That’s okay.

Even those closest to us can be the last to acknowledge our hard work and accomplishment.

What are you creating is a step-by-step process. Where you are today does not represent where you’ll be in one, three, or ten years.

What you’re doing is difficult to see from the outside. But don’t let that stop you.

You’re the driving force. Stay true to yourself and your vision.

An element of entrepreneurship is proving people wrong.

Just remind yourself it’s not easy for others to see what you see or to acknowledge what you’re building.

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