Don’t Forget the Power of Consistency

We did a full-day quarterly planning session with two of our companies over the last week.

I was worried we weren’t ready to process everything going on in the business.

I was worried we were still just putting out fires; that we wouldn’t be able to see the big picture or create a clear go-forward plan.

I was wrong.

Even with the uncertainty, we achieved some amazing breakthroughs.

We got what we wanted:

Confidence. Clarity. Alignment.

Open and honest dialogue.

Give credit to our system: we implemented #EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System by Gino Wickman) a few years ago.

Don’t forget the power of consistency. When it comes to planning, cadence is key.

Don’t skip a quarterly planning session, even if it’s during #COVID19

Aligning the management team, and the rest of the company yearly, quarterly and weekly is just as important now – even if you feel like you’re walking in darkness.

I’m even more of a believer in Level 10 meetings.

I’m so glad we hired an outside coach (Nathen Fox!) Turns out, he’s the glue that keeps it all together.

The system has transformed our companies.

We’re still moving forward to accomplish big things!

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