Building a Business With Substance

Are you building a business with substance?

Or are you focused on making quick, easy money?

I set out to create sustainable organizations that are built to last.

Sustainable organizations have substance.

By building the machine the right way – with great people; real values, principles, products and processes – you create more long-term wealth for every stakeholder.

There’s no easy button.

There’s no get rich quick.

You can’t take shortcuts to get there.

It takes time to build something of substance and a commitment from everyone in the organization.

It starts with the tone from the top.

In our companies we like to say, “the more you know, the more you like.”

This means everyone is working to do things the right way. We are working to have substance behind what we do and fix things when they are broken.

In a world where it’s so cool to build a company and sell it as quickly as possible, I’m choosing to build companies that will be relevant after I die.

That’s called building businesses with substance.

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