I’m Going To Be More Deliberate

I’m going to be more deliberate about the specifics of getting “back to normal” after all of this. I hope I have a better perspective and appreciation for the good things in my life.

– Saying ‘NO’ to more things that take me away from home and my family. Permanent change.

– Being more creative in collaborating with people, and getting things done. Of course.

– Being more present. Yes.

– Remembering how fragile everything in life is, and how quickly things can change. Wow! Yes!

– Being more prudent in how I spend my resources and recognizing how unfulfilling materialism is. Yes.

– Working from home full-time. No way. (I miss the productivity at the office, plus collaboration is best face to face.)

– Working from home a little more. Yes.

– Being more appreciative for my wife, school teachers, and healthcare workers. Absolutely.

If I can take advantage of new ways of doing things and new perspectives, my future normal will be much better than my old normal.

What does getting “back to normal” mean for you?

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