Experimentation Is The Key To Success

Building a business requires constant experimentation.

Now is a time for taking small bets (thanks Josh Steimle), even during this uncertainty.

I’m using the next few weeks and months to do little experiments across our companies; the same strategy we’ve used to build our businesses from the beginning.

When something works, we do more of it; when something doesn’t work, we stop and pivot.

For me, progress is rarely about taking big leaps. I’m not interested in betting the farm.

It’s the small, simple steps – the little experiments – that lead to breakthroughs and continual improvement.

Here’s how we’re experimenting:
– Focusing on new ways of taking care of our people
– Shifting resources internally
– Discovering new ways of selling to our customers
– Rolling out new marketing and sales campaigns
– Finding new strategic partnerships
– Developing new products and services
– Creating new businesses
– Looking to buy a new business

I’m making investments in our people and our businesses even when conventional wisdom says it’s time to hunker down and get out of the game for a while.

It’s exciting to take action – small steps – that will keep us relevant and focus company resources on creating a brighter future.

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